About us

1994: Tongcheng PVC pipe factory was established as the first plastic pipe manufacturer in Anqing

2002: Tongcheng Wanfang pipe factory was established, which is the largest manufacturer of plastic pipe fittings in Anqing area

2005: Tongcheng Wanfang Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was established and registered as "Wanfang pipe industry" trademark. It is an advanced enterprise in Anhui plastic building materials industry

2011: the company develops PPR water supply pipe fittings

2013: establishment of Anhui Wanfang Management Group Co., Ltd

2014: the company's new plant area was put into full production, and HDPE Double wall corrugated pipe and solid wall pipe were developed

2015: the company won the honor of "integrity unit of Anhui Province"

2016: "Wanfang management" brand trademark won "famous trademark of Anhui Province"

2017: "Wanfang pipe industry" brand pipe fittings won "Anhui famous brand products"

2018: development of HDPE steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe and MPP power cable protection pipe

2019: with the opportunity of Anhui Province standardization good behavior creation (AAA), the industrial structure is constantly optimized, the management is comprehensively upgraded, and the company starts a new round of strategic positioning.