What are the main characteristics of PVC pipes?

2020-03-21 15:36:15 ahwfjt

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polyolefin produced by ethylene copolymerization. Although HDPE was launched in 1956, it has not reached the mature level. This kind of general material is still developing its new use and market. Now Anhui Wanfang pipe industry will show you the main characteristics of PVC pipes?

Main characteristics

The unique characteristics of various grades of HDPE are the proper combination of four basic variables: density, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and additives. Different catalysts are used to produce customized polymers with special properties. These variables combine to produce HDPE grades for different purposes; achieve a balance in performance.

Product performance

HDPE is odorless white particle with melting point of 130 ℃ and relative density of 0.941-0.960. It has good heat and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and good mechanical strength. The dielectric property and environmental stress cracking resistance are also good.

Packaging storage and transportation

Keep away from fire source and heat insulation during storage. Keep the warehouse dry and tidy. Do not mix any impurities. Do not expose to the sun or rain. The transportation shall be stored in clean and dry carriage or cabin with ceiling, without sharp objects such as nails. It is strictly prohibited to transport with flammable aromatic hydrocarbon, halogenated hydrocarbon and other organic solvents.


HDPE is a fast growing part of the plastics recycling market. This is mainly due to its easy reprocessing, limited degradation characteristics and its extensive application in packaging. The main recycling is the reprocessing of 25% recycled materials, such as post consumer recycled products (PCR), with pure HDPE to make bottles that are not in contact with food.

PE pipe for water supply is the replacement of traditional steel pipe and PVC drinking water pipe.