PP-R water supply pipe fittings

Wanfang PP-R water supply pipes and pipe fittings are green products of"health and environmental protection"type,which are made of random copolymerized polypropylene and processed by profess

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Wanfang PP-R water supply pipes and pipe fittings are green products of"health and environmental protection"type,which are made of random copolymerized polypropylene and processed by professional technology and process.This product is produced in strict accordance with the national environmental protection requirements and fully complies with the national standard GB/T 18742.2-2017.PP-R drinking water pipe is a new type of product widely used in developed countries.It uses homogeneous fusion technology in cold and hot water transmission projects.Its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are far superior to other similar products,especially excellent health performance.From production and use to waste recovery,the whole process can meet high health and environmental protection requirements.Wanfang PP-R water supply pipes and pipe fittings are of moderate price,stable performance,heat insulation,corrosion resistance,smooth inner wall without scaling,safe and reliable pipeline system,non permeability,and service life of more than 50 years.PP-R pipeline is the most suitable sanitary and environmental protection water pipe for drinking water and food industry at present.

GB/T 18742.2-2017 polypropylene piping system for hot and cold water part 2:Pipes

GBT 18742.3-2017 polypropylene piping system for hot and cold water part 3:pipe fittings

Key words:health,heat resistance,heat preservation,light weight,high strength,corrosion resistance,easy to install and connect.

Wanfang PP-R pipe not only has the advantages of light weight,high strength,corrosion resistance,non scaling and long service life of general plastic pipe,but also has the following main characteristics:

1)Good heat and insulation performance

The softening temperature of PP-R micro card can reach 131℃,the instantaneous service temperature is 95℃,and the service life is more than 50 years.

The thermal conductivity of PP-R pipe is only 1/200 of that of copper pipe.Generally,it does not need heat preservation measures for hot water system,which can save a lot of heat preservation materials and greatly reduce heat loss.Therefore,PP-R pipe is a very good energy-saving pipe.

2)Good hygienic performance

PP-R raw material is a kind of polyolefin high molecular compound.Its molecular structure contains only carbon and hydrogen elements,and there are no other components that are harmful to human health.

PP-R pipeline production process does not need to add other processing aids,production process does not produce harmful substances,so PPR pipeline health performance is excellent,can completely meet the food health standards,and stable and reliable performance,can effectively eliminate secondary pollution of water supply.

PP-R pipeline is a kind of green building material,which is not harmful to human health and environmental health in the whole process from raw material production,construction and installation to product use,recycling and reuse.

3)Simple and convenient installation and connection

With the help of electric heating tools,PP-R pipeline hot-melt welding is easy to operate,fast,low cost and high reliability.Compared with solvent bonding,flexible bonding and other mechanical connections,the effect is better and the efficiency is higher.

1.Cold and hot water systems of buildings,including central heating system;

2.Pure water supply system for direct drinking;

3.Central(central)air conditioning system;

4.Transportation or discharge of chemical media and other industrial piping systems.

1.PP-R pipe has lower hardness and lower rigidity than metal pipe,so it should be protected during handling and construction to avoid mechanical damage caused by improper external force.After concealed laying,the position of pipeline shall be marked to avoid damage of pipeline by secondary decoration.

2.PP-R pipe has a certain low temperature brittleness below 5℃.Pay attention to the construction in winter,and use a sharp knife to cut the pipe slowly.The installed pipes shall not be pressed or knocked,and the vulnerable parts shall be covered with protective objects if necessary.

3.PP-R tube is easy to be aged and degraded by ultraviolet radiation for a long time.When it is installed outdoors or in direct sunlight,it must be wrapped with dark protective layer.

4.PP-R pipe shall be connected with metal pipe or water heater by means of mechanical connection such as threaded insert or flange,and the rest shall be connected by hot melting to make the pipe integrated without leakage point.

5.The linear expansion coefficient of PP-R pipe is relatively large(0.15m M/m℃),and technical measures must be taken to prevent the pipe from expansion deformation when the pipe is laid in the open or not directly buried way.

6.After installation,the water pressure must be tested before sealing(direct burial)and covering the decorative layer(non direct burial and concealed laying).The test pressure of cold water pipe is 1.5 times of the system working pressure,but not less than 0.8MPa;the test pressure of hot water pipe is 2 times of the working pressure,but not less than 1.0MPa.Pressure test time and method specified in technical specification.

7.When the PP-R pipe is laid in the open or concealed way,the supports and hangers must be installed as required.